“Azadi” Consumer Goods Production Complex

     Azadi IE exists for more than 25 years in the market of manufacturers of Turkmenistan. With many years of experience, we carry out the following activities, namely:
· Windows, doors, stained-glass windows and aluminum profile structures;
· Door blocks from panels based on MDF boards;
· Furniture for general purposes;
· Prefabricated metal container houses according to customer’s dimensions, taking into account the purpose and configuration;
· Metalware (fences, trusses, awnings, etc.)
· 3D panels.

     Aluminum windows and stained-glass windows are ideal for the facades of stores, cafes, office and residential buildings. The main advantages of aluminum structures are their durability, impeccable appearance, lightness, high strength, heat and sound insulation. Aluminum products fit perfectly into any interior and architectural ensemble.

     It is difficult to imagine a room without doors. They complement the interior of your apartment, office, create a coziness, comfort and improve your mood. Doors are made of MDF panels and boards made in Turkey, and paints, varnishes have a high quality and are selected at the request of the client.

Furniture is the face of your home. Our company’s specialists are guided by the principles of aesthetics, comfort and practicality in the design and manufacture of furniture. A wide range of colors and types of plate materials: laminated chipboard, semi-gloss chipboard, glossy chipboard, and painted chipboard will satisfy the taste of the most sophisticated client. The designer of our company will create an individual furniture project, taking into account all the wishes of the Client.   
Furniture for the dressing room, kitchen, children's room, living room, bedroom, bathroom, etc. - we will do all this for you with high quality and in the best time. 
     Also we produce furniture for cafes, restaurants, hotels, kindergartens, schools, administrative institutions, shops, beauty salons, etc., which will emphasize the peculiarity of these facilities and make them unique.

     For your garden plot, or for a construction base, we can offer container-houses for various purposes, i.e. both for housing, for office, for dining room, etc. They can be equipped with furniture, heating and cooling systems, plumbing, i.e. on "turnkey" basis.

     Gypsum 3D panels manufactured by our company will decorate the interior of both the living room and the office premises, restaurant, cafe and other similar facilities. These panels are made of high quality gypsum, which is an environmentally friendly material.

    Since 2017 metal structures are manufactured at the production capacities of the company: metal trusses, fences, farm supports and other products. All steelworks are manufactured in accordance with the design documents provided by the Customer and meet the standards of Turkmenistan.