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"Azady" Travel Agency

Turkmenistan is a country of warmth and friendship!

     Tired of drab existence life and humdrumness, want new acquaintances and impressions, and also want to feel the sea waves of the Red Sea on the hot sandy beach of Hurgada or admire the magnificent ruins of ancient temples in Greece, then we are waiting for you at our "Azady" travel agency.

     "Azady" organizes for you an unforgettable holiday in Turkey and Spain, Cyprus and Greece, Italy and Bulgaria, Montenegro and Croatia, helps you go on the best exotic tours in the most attractive countries for travelers. Only safe comfortable rest awaits you with us, with an endless variety of colorful impressions and positive emotions

     Turkmenistan is the land of earliest civilizations, carefully preserved national heritage. In 2018 which declared the year of the Great Silk Road, there is an opportunity to even more learn and get acquainted with new pages of the history of our Motherland.

     Around the world the evidence of the increasing interest in our country, as a new promising direction of international tourism, to that national model of the travel industry and hospitality, are increasing tourist flows and large specialized publications, information resources.

   Consequently, recently RAL-3 television channel of the Italian state television and radio broadcasting corporation, which places great emphasis on educational programs about culture, named Turkmenistan one of the best tourist destinations for 2019. The channel taken a poll among viewers and made a rating of popular centers with developed tourist services. According to the voting results Turkmenistan became the leader of the survey in the nomination "History". And this is quite logical. 
   The richness and originality of the carefully preserved national heritage, numerous archeological monuments, masterpieces of ancient, antique and medieval architecture allow our country to increase its international rating in this sector, gaining more and more significant positions in the global tourism market. 
   Today, Turkmenistan perfectly meets the growing demand among European travel enthusiasts for historical tours to places with natural exoticism, the contrast of antiquity and modernity. Among the most popular tours – travels along the Great Silk Road route, which cover famous archaeological and architectural monuments, including those on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Today, the Great Silk Road is one of the popular travel brands. This road in antiquity and the Middle Ages united many nations and countries. The Great Silk Road is not only trade caravans, caravanserais, bazaars, but also travelers who left their valuable notes, information, and observations for posterity. With the advent of the Great Silk Road, for the safe advancement of caravans, recreation and replenishment of water and food supplies, caravanserais began to be erected. 
   Remarkably, there are many historical places to travel in Turkmenistan for people who are interested in history. One of the most attractive historic monuments of Turkmenistan is the city of Altyn-Depe . Here, tourists can get acquainted with pictograms of ancient peoples, which resemble proto-Elamite and Proto-Sumerian "writing". 
   Ancient cities of Parthia are of the greatest interest among the travellers, and particularly, its cultural capital – Ancient Nissa. The city and the fortress of the great Margiana will not leave any tourists indifferent. It was on this earth when Greeks and Romans first met the Chinese. In the year of 53 BC, the Roman legions of Crassus, who had been defeated in the Battle of Carrah, escaped from anger to this region. 

   In turn, historical monuments of the Middle Ages abound in the east of Turkmenistan. In those years, these regions were second to none in the world in terms of the level of culture and the development of science. Ancient cities and the mausoleums of Il-Arslan, Tekesh, Turabek-hanim, the minaret of Kutlug-Timur, the mausoleum of Astana-Baba will mentally transfer the travellers to that era. 

   Foreign tourists arriving in Turkmenistan travel with great interest along the routes of the legendary Silk Road. One of them starts from the banks of the river of ancient Oks (now Amudarya), where the city of Amul was a major transit point, whose ruins are still on the southern edge of the city of Turkmenabat. Along with that, a number of historical cities, like mosaics adorning the past of our state, lie throughout Turkmenistan. As in every state, the capital of Ashgabat is the center of culture, science, and education. This is a very interesting object for visiting in tourist understanding, because according to the reviews of many guests who visited our capital, it causes a lot of positive emotions, surprise that in such a hot climate there are a huge number of parks, alleys and fountains, the originality and uniqueness of the design of the eastern city.